About Us

Our Vision

"A community based community forum comprising of a poverty-stricken and empowered community"

Our Organizational Aims

1. Providing financial support to community based organizations to accelerate incomes of people.
2. Supporting the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to create a good living environment.
3. Removing any barriers to social gains and depriving them of access to the national development.
4. Sharing experiences with each other to create a collective community development process.
5. To act as a support group in case of social disaster which is expected in case of disaster.

Strategic Plans for 2017-2020

1 . Identification of social responsibilities and rights
2 . Community based tree management and family development program
3 . Livelihood Development Program and Food Security
4 . Building community leadership and creating impact groups
5 . Microfinance program

Office Bearers

ChairmanMrs.T.Evlin De Silva
SecretaryMr.Sunil Shantha Ganewaththa
CoordinatorMs. P. Kalansuriya
Vice ChairmanMrs.M.H.Nasmiya
Vice SectaryMrs.Ranjani Perera

Strong Leadership

Great Teamwork

Objective Focused


Let's help Sri Lanka grow faster!